How Can You 3D Print Without Owning a 3D Printer?

A Picture of an Staples, Inc. easy button

A Picture of an Staples, Inc. easy button (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Don’t want to pony up for a Form 1 or MakerBot at home, but still want a printout of your 3D model? Press the easy button.

Mcor Technologies announced recently that it’s supplying 3D printers to Staples for a new service called “Staples Easy 3D.” Customers who need rapid prototypes can email their file to Staples, then stop by the office supply store’s nearest location and pick up their freshly made 3D model.

According to a story by WIRED writer Mike Senese, the service will roll out some time in early 2013, but you don’t need to wait that long if you need a model now.

A number of companies already offer online 3D printing services. They take your 3D file, determine a price, accept your money and then ship your model to you. One of these companies even opened a 3D printing factory in New York City.

I think it’s fair to say that, at this point, 3D printing is ready for primetime.

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