Want Wind Power at Home? Check out This System

Wind power is one of those things that inherently sounds good, has tended to be a job for governments and utility companies. Few individuals have the space to erect the monstrous windmills that we’ve seen in America’s coastal areas.

But that may be changing. A company called Be-Wind is currently raising funds through Kickstarter to gear up for a production run of a product called the Urban Wind Turbine.

This turbine looks different from what you might expect. Instead of long, lithe blades facing the wind and spinning vertically, this turbine uses a pair of horizontally-spinning corkscrews attached to a rig that pivots to face into the wind.

The turbine can generate power in speeds as slow as 6 miles per hour, according to BE-Wind’s materials, and only needs a few square feet of space for setup. You could easily install a small farm of them atop any large-sized flat roof.

If you can afford it.

While the Urban Wind Turbine’s $10,000 price tag is lower than the millions power companies pay for their towering windmills, it’s still $10,000.

But, if the design works, we may see the price come down.


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